Color Trends for the New Year


The saying is as old as time, “New Year, New You!” But regardless how many times you’ve heard this written off cliche, we can’t help but believe the New Year actually IS a perfect time to try new styles, embrace your inner risk-taker, and change your primary look. We at Moxie Blue are always excited to assist in transforming a client’s look, so what better time to let us put our hands to work than at the beginning of 2019? This year, try out these five awesome hair colors that we love.

Let Moxie Blue Salon accommodate you in creating your new look. We love treating our client’s hair like it’s a canvas, and we are the artist, so the bigger risk you take, the more creative we get to become! Pouring our hearts into creating styles and colors our clients love is what makes our jobs so worth it, and definitely so fun! Happy New Year, New You!

-The Blue Beauty Blogger


Chestnut Brown

If you’re looking for a classic yet trendy color, and don’t want to worry about a tremendous amount of upkeep, look no further. Easy to obtain, face-framing chestnut brown is the perfect look for any brunette in search of an upgrade.


Pastel Pink

Yes, we said PINK! Making a statement, but still subtle enough to not consider “too crazy,” pastel pink is all the rage for this upcoming year. And let’s face it-there’d never be a better reason to hashtag #PrettyInPink on all of your photos.


Strawberry Honey

You know what happens when white meets red, and when blue meets yellow, but what about when rich blonde meets dynamic copper? You’re introduced to the perfect combination of these vigorous colors. If you want to make a bold move, but not completely ready to commit to a daring color, flirt with Strawberry Honey in the New Year.


Ink Black

Bring on the glossiness. With a fresh, clean, and extremely rich look, ink blink will be everywhere in 2019. Making relaxed hairstyles pop, the color is perfect for every effortlessly chic chick.

constance_robbins_ash_blonde_redo (1).jpg

Ash Everything

One look we can’t help but love in any shade, color, or style, is the ashy toned trend. Somewhere between two colors is definitely where you want to be when the New Year is being rung in.