How to style your hair according to your zodiac sign!

Aries: The Ram - Daring and bold, Aries are natural-born leaders! Because they like to be the first in everything, the newest and most up-to-date trends have their name written all over them. Embodying the aggressive and exciting Ram within, metallic denim blue is the color every Aries daredevil should try.

Taurus: The Bull - Practical and forever faithful, Taurus’s value stability and reliability. This is why a classic bun couldn’t fit the personality of The Bull any better. Clean, secure, and pragmatic, a classic bun is the look every Taurus should master.

Gemini: The Twins - Outgoing, enthusiastic and open-minded, rose gold highlights are all the rage for The Twins this season. Regardless of your natural coloring, these highlights are adjustable and change tones depending upon the color of their new home. Because Gemini’s are also known to be impulsive, ever-changing highlights are the perfect touch!

Cancer: The Crab - Conservative and sweet, loose waves are the perfect fit for every Cancer. The Crab sign is known for being simultaneously shy and outgoing, and loose waves are the perfect in-between.

Leo: The Lion - Confident, proud, and ambitious, what better style for the sign known as The Lion than wild curls? Don’t tame a thing!

Virgo: The Virgin - Delicate, sensitive, and humble, Virgo’s like to keep it calm. A beautiful french braid, or any braid at all, matches the personality of The Virgin! Subtle, modest, and carefully constructed, braids have wide-variety, and are easy to master.

Libra: The Scales - Elegant and romantic, every Libra should know how to work a half up-half down style. Perfect for any occasion, the half up-half down style matches the sign known as The Scales perfectly.

Scorpio: The Scorpion - Profound and emotional, Scorpios make every move with intense passion. Nothing matches the personality of The Scorpion like a brave haircut. Scorpios should opt for a bob at least once in their lives.

Sagittarius: The Archer - Sagittarius women love change! A Sag is constantly evolving and looking for a new and unique way to live, that’s why picking one style for The Archer sign just isn’t in the stars! From blonde to brunette, short to long, curly to straight, they just don’t want to pick-and they certainly shouldn’t have to, they have the confidence rock them all!

Capricorn: The Seagoat - Stable, serious, and definitive, a slick back, high ponytail matches the personality of The Seagoat perfectly. Capricorns are traditional and like styles they can always rely on. There’s nothing more absolute than a style that never fades!

Aquarius: The Water Carrier - Always looking to make a statement, Aquarius women feel empowered, desired, and strong with baby bangs. This style is one not every sign can handle, but we are sure The Water Carrier can rock it!

Pisces: The Fishes - Creative, easy-going, and adaptable, Pisces are always looking for new ways to express themselves! Because they are crafty and carefree, a pixie cut is the perfect style for every Pisces.

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