Valentine’s Day Hairstyles with Moxie Blue Salon!

Whether you’re spending the night by candle light with your lover or hitting the club with your best gal’s, Happy Valentine’s Day! Check out these awesome styles curated by our Moxie stylists for Valentine’s Day hairstyles:



Undone Waves

The effortlessly chic curl is the perfect style for every hard-working woman everyday of the year, but especially on Valentine’s Day.


3. Braids

Too busy to wash and blow out your long locks before your date? Fishtail braiding works wonders for our dry shampoo-loving clients!


5. Wild Curls

Spending your Valentine’s Day dancing with the besties? Embrace, nourish, and rock your ringlets.


2. Looped Ponytail

Perfectly knot your low pony to create a trendy, romantic look.



The Anti-Updo

If you’re looking for a classic, clean, and cute style but don’t want to embody prom night glam, go with a low, loose, and trouble-free bun.