Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!

January is over and February is here! The Month of Love is among us, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner. If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give your Valentine, but aren’t sure what to choose, we have a few amazing ideas for you. The BEST part about our holiday gifts, are that they last the ENTIRE month! Feel free to purchase any of our special offers throughout the entire month of February.

Aside from the typical gift card, which we also offer in e-gift form, we have a plentiful amount of options to help every and anyone deliver the perfect gift to the special someone in their life.

This month, Moxie Blue is offering (both in-store and online) Keratherapy Extreme Renewal, Keratherapy Extreme, and Goldwell Kerasilk for a discounted price of $250! Also available with huge discount is Keratherapy Express Keratin, for $99, and Keratherapy Color Lock and Smooth for $75.


At Moxie Blue Salon, we allow shoppers to give the gift of a full makeover, because sometimes there’s no better exchange than the promise of positive change. One of the hardest things to keep up with while working is a great skincare routine. Moxie Blue Salon offers a HydraFacial with the busy man or woman in your life’s name on it. Targeting sun damage, blackheads, whiteheads, acne, wrinkles and more, this facial can make anyone feel the V-Day (with long-term results) love. Save 25% by buying 3, and getting 1 free!

Allow the indulging to continue by providing your loved one with a full makeover. We offer professional makeup and hairstyling services, enabling each customer to leave looking their absolute best. Save 20% on Blow Outs by buying our pack of 4 and getting 1 free!

We pride ourselves on having a special relationship with each and every client, which makes our gift-giving ability even more accurate and accommodating than any other salon. We can provide the significant other of any client with details about the usual services they receive to build a personalized gift card!

Don’t be a thoughtless gift-giver, stop by Moxie Blue Salon today and personalize your loved ones Valentine’s Day gift.