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GEMSTONE is great for anyone with color-treated hair. It is specially formulated to protect and preserve your hue.

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If you color your hair, it's important to protect its health and hue. GEMSTONE will help preserve and prolong the life of your shade. Good for: GEMSTONE is great for anyone with color-treated hair, and it works for blondes, brunettes and redheads alike. Fragrance: Relative Paradise: A bright earthy composition Sicilian Lemon • Tangerine • Eucalyptus • Green Tea • Tree Moss • Crisp Amber

Directions: Apply to the middle of your hair and work through from roots to ends. Follow with GEMSTONE Conditioner.

Benefit Ingredients: • Pea Extract helps to preserve hair's color and protects against discoloration. • Rice Extract smoothes hair, helps retain moisture and adds high shine.+ All products are formulated without:• Parabens - preservatives used to kill the growth of unwanted microorganisms (bacteria, yeast, mold etc). • Sulfates (*SLS or SLES) - surfactants commonly used to cleanse hair, there is concern that they irritant the skin eyes, especially at higher concentrations. • Mineral Oil - a petroleum derivative that can deposit a thick film on the hair, leaving hair with an unnatural feeling of slip. • Petroleum - derived from crude oil, its properties will build up on the surface of the hair stopping beneficial nutrients and vitamins from restoring hair to a healthy state.+ All R+Co products are:• Conditioning, Color Safe and offer UV Protection • Keratin and Brazilian treatment safe • Cruelty free • Gluten free • Vegan + Vegetarian